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Mini pin rear


Product description

Our exciting NEW journey starts January 2022.

we were fortunate to acquire some old frewer 2.2” moulds.  We are hoping these will give us the platform to build our own range of new and exciting tyres during the coming months.

We don’t underestimate the standards that we need to meet but hopefully our current standards will help guide us to achieving our goal. 1st up are two 1/10 rear buggy tyres and for their age wouldn’t look out of place in a modern range. They will be available as tyre only or with inserts. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we really hope you will join us on this new journey.

Tyre name - mini pin

Profile - Rounded

Compound - Medium

Tread number - 12 x 60 pins

Carcass - width 40mm x 88mm

Fit - 2.2" diameter wheels 

Sale is for 2 tyres or 2 tyre and insert (medium foam)

£7.65 £8.50
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