Reducing stiction, our P3.5 X-Rings provide increased shock absorber performance for all vehicles equipped with P3.5 o-rings. Utilizing two sealing surfaces per ring, X-Rings allow for a lighter sealing pressure, while still allowing a better seal to resist seeps and leaks. Unfortunately the achilles heel of Silicone seals is swelling. After installed, silicone seals will swell and increase the overall stiction of a shock. Made from a synthetic rubber, these X-Rings will not swell overtime, and will provide consistent performance throughout the life of the seal.

P3.5 JIS Standard Sizing

Fits Mugen, Kyosho MP9, AE RC8B3/T3 and XRAY XB8 Vehicles

Synthetic Rubber For Consistent Performance

8pcs Included

Note: Due to the elimination of silicone swell, X-Rings will require a bit more maintenance than standard O-Rings. We strongly recommend running shock boots to increase the life of your X-Rings.

Price: £7.99
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