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Double - Ups


Product description

1/10 stadium truck front tyre, this tread pattern is recommended for surfaces like astro, short grass or dirt and works particularly well in dry conditions. 

The double-up tread pattern has four wedge shape ribs and two square ribs with an outer wedge, these can be mounted either way to give aggressive bite or a more forgiving bite depending what feel you are after so its very flexible. It can be used on various surfaces like astro, short grass or dirt.

We found both our medium and hard insert work very well depending on the conditions or feel you are after. The medium allowing the tyre to move a little rather then the firmer one supporting the tyre more and giving the feeling of more bite.....medium being a little more forgiving.

Size = 100mm overall diameter x 51mm wide and fits a 2.2" wheel.

weight = 54grams.

Medium and hard compound, very durable quality rubber.

Sold as a pair of tyre ONLY. Also available as tyre plus insert.

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