Yokomo 870c re re kit ( FREE SET OF WHEELS )

Code Yokomo 870c kit
Code Yokomo 870c kit
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  • Description

    The ultimate off-road machine that revived the 1980s off-road scene is back!

    If you're a longtime RC car user, you might be familiar with the chassis called "Super Dog Fighter." It's no exaggeration to say that it was the basis of modern off-road race cars, and it's a famous car that shone at blistering speeds in off-road races across the country. He has a great record not only in Japan but also in world-class racing and is known to have fans all over the world.

    There have been many requests from passionate fans for a long time and a commercialization has been often considered, but now the pressure has finally been realized. However, there are no more casting forms for resin parts from this time, so we are constructing the machine based on measurements of the existing machine. The release is currently scheduled for December 2023.

    Although new parts have been recreated, the settings have been selected in a way that they reflect the atmosphere of the time as best as possible. To be able to drive with current power sources, he will have a gearbox, a sliding clutch, a Li-Po battery, etc. be equipped, but also have an outlet for a sub-C size battery, natural colors, have resin parts and aluminum pressure casting parts in the front and back. The partition wall, hard anodized aluminum shocks and other features give you that sense of time.

    The wheels and tires used back then were 1.9 inches tall, but by replacing the wheel hub with an optional part, the current 2.2 inches wheels and tires can be mounted. We also plan on selling some optional parts, and even if it's a new one, it will be fun to drive.

    Product packaging

    Highly reproducible packaging, reminiscent of products sold in 1987.

    Main house

    The FRP main housing has a battery socket that can hold sub-C size batteries as well as thick/thin short lipo batteries.

    Suspension arm and axle leg

    The suspension arm is the same size as the original and the front and rear joint shafts are recreated as they are made of aluminum.

    Shot wall

    The aluminum shot wall reflects the original model of the time. The cap and the pole end are also milky white and reproduce the original.

    Body/lower bonnet/fender

    The body, the lower bonnet and the rear wing also fully reproduce the original shape.

    Bumper bridge

    The original GFK front and rear bumper bridges are also reproduced as they are.

    Differential Gearbox/Main Gearbox

    Front and rear gear differential and sliding clutch are part of the standard equipment to adapt to the current power source.

    Shock absorbers

    The bumper, which reproduces the original alumite color, has been refurbished and features an adjustable mother system for wide capacity adjustment.


    The tire pattern, wheel color and size are reproduced with the original dimensions.